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About Dr. Bill Barnett

After graduating from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Bill began an ongoing course of study in preventive medicine for pets, emphasizing keeping animals healthy rather than treating them once they became sick. This has been his work for the past 40 years, to maximize the full potential of animal life allowing them to live healthier and longer lives through. the science of product formulation.

Following a distinguished 23-year military career in human medical research and laboratory animal medicine, Dr. Bill went on to become the founder of AVN Global Sciences, Inc. where he developed canine and feline nutritional supplements for the veterinary profession and pet owners alike. He also founded a nutritional consulting service that provided expertise to veterinary companies including Norden Laboratories, SmithKline Beecham Animal Health, and Pfizer.

Over the years, Dr. Bill lectured extensively on topics covering the relationship between nutrition and disease, achieving optimum nutrition and health, performance animal nutrition, and the 7 greatest threats to animal health. His new book, Defending Your Pet’s Health, is a must-read for every dog and cat owner that wants the very best for their animals.

Dr. Bill’s Advanced Animal Health Supplements are the culmination of years of experience and knowledge, reflecting his proactive approach towards keeping animals healthy and extending their lives. Dr. Bill’s products have stood the test of time and have become valuable tools for veterinarians across the country. Updated with the very latest in scientific knowledge and ingredient technology, they are also available to discerning pet owners who want to keep their dogs and cats living long, happy, and healthy lives.