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I have had many senior cats over the years. And when I say senior, some cats live well past 20. The record for the longest living cat goes to Crème Puff who made it all the way to 38! Taking care of our senior cats can be challenging. Issues like strange behavior, missing the litterbox, difficulty getting around, eye problems, and hearing loss. Plus dealing with serious age-related diseases that can be life threatening, like heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer. Many of the senior diseases warrant the specialty care of a veterinarian, however, some can be helped or even avoided with specific additions to their diet.

The first thing to know is that a senior cat’s ability to digest and utilize nutrients steadily diminishes as they get older, which can contribute to the onset of both mental and physical problems. As cats age, every cell in their body needs a little less energy and a little more of the nutrients that keep them healthy. There is no better way to provide these vital nutrients than to supplement the diets of all senior cats, and all my formulas are delicious, easy-to-use powders that can be mixed with your cat’s preferred food.”

— Dr. Bill Barnett

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Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health

The first thing I recommend is a solid nutritional foundation. Every senior cat can benefit by adding my Feline Ultimate Fitness and Health to their preferred food to ensure your cat is receiving everything they need for a healthy diet. Its tried-and-true formulation combines 69 essential nutrients, including support for skin, hair coat, and eye health. We have a growing population of overweight senior cats because their reduced nutrient absorption makes them prone to overeat to get enough of the essential nutrients they need. But when your cat receives all the nutrients they need, by adding Ultimate Fitness & Health, they are less likely to overeat. Healthy weight control is a huge benefit because it reduces the long-term effects of heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, eye problems and kidney failure among other serious health problems.

Feline Cognitive Support

Feline Cognitive Support can be a useful addition to Ultimate Fitness & Health if you are noticing negative changes in your senior cat’s behavior. Just like people, all cats will at some point experience mental decline. However, it has been shown that most cognitive dysfunction issues can be managed with appropriate nutrition supplementation. So, I recommend that all senior cats have Feline Cognitive Support added to their food. By providing the specific nutrients that feed the brain, thousands of cat owners have been delighted to discover that they were able to slow, and in many cases even reverse, the progression of cognitive dysfunction and keep their senior cat purring for a long, long time.

Feline Complete Joint Care

Another supplement I regularly recommend to the owners of senior cats is my Feline Complete Joint Care. Feline arthritis is a common problem for many older cats. The active life of a cat can result in multiple injuries to the joints and skeletal system. These injuries become arthritic over time which can be painful and often crippling. I have developed a super product for dealing with senior cat arthritis. My Feline Complete Joint Care helps eliminate the inflammation associated with any joint injury involving ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and the surrounding support muscles. In addition to ending the vicious pain cycle and helping to rebuild the injured joint structures, it can go a long way towards eliminating the crippling arthritis that can spoil the remaining years of a cat’s life.
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During my more than fifty years of animal nutrition research I have found that powders are the easiest way to slowly introduce supplements to even the most finicky cats.
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More Senior Cat Supplements We Recommend

When it comes to the many different types of cancer, a strong immune system and preventing excessive numbers of free radicals can go a long way towards eliminating or slowing their progress. That’s why I recommend my Feline Health Defense and Feline Immune Support products for senior cats. These two products can truly make a difference. They are 100% natural, have absolutely no side effects, and thousands of people have found that they can add years to the life of their senior cat.

Feline Immune Support

Feline Immune Support provides a critical nutritional element for all senior cats. Overall immunity gradually diminishes over time, making senior cats susceptible to infectious diseases. Enhancing the innate immune system can help seniors compensate for the decrease in their overall immune capability. The innate immune system can seek out and destroy invading pathogenic organisms before they have a chance to develop into infectious disease.

Feline Health Defense

Senior life brings on the decline in natural antioxidant production while oxidative stress – the number of free radical attacks a cat undergoes – generally increases. This phenomenon contributes to the rapid aging and organ decline seen during senior years. . Protection is just a scoop away with Feline Health Defense, an Nrf2 triggering natural survival system that helps a cat produce millions of extra antioxidants daily.

Feline Digestive Support

Senior cats often lose weight, muscle mass, strength, and the desire to do anything except sleep. This is because as a cat gets older, its ability to digest and utilize nutrients becomes more challenging. Feline Digestive Support provides digestive enzymes especially balanced for the cat along with billions of helpful intestinal bacteria (probiotics) to help the senior cat maintain gut integrity and the ability to remain healthier and younger at heart. It also contains a proprietary blend of feline enzymes that will help dissolve those nasty hairballs.

Feline Optimum Skin & Coat

The skin and coat are tied to nutrient absorption and utilization, so it is easy to see why so many senior cats have itchy skin and poor coats. They are no longer able to digest all of the essential nutrients that keep them fit and trim, so as cats age, they need increased nutrition, yet fewer calories. Feline Optimum Skin & Coat provides all of the extra nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin and coats and has been a favorite recommendation of veterinarians across America for decades.

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Her health has taken a 180 degree turn

“I’ve been giving Lily Dr. Bill’s Digestive Support for about 4 months now and it has helped her SOOOOO much! We had been battling her digestive issues off and on for a few years now (vomiting, diarrhea, and skin reactions to food) resulting in some pretty significant vet bills. What we learned was that she was not processing her food properly. Through adjusting her diet and supplementing with Dr. Bill’s probiotics and enzymes, her health has taken a 180 degree turn. She’s feeling so good! She’s so much healthier and happier, and honestly even nicer. I think having digestive issues was just making her cranky a lot of the time. And she loves the taste of Dr. Bill’s powder, so that makes it super easy to give to her regularly. We love Dr. Bill’s!”

-Andrea M., Pet Parent & Satisfied Dr. Bill’s Customer

Made all the difference!

“I was dog sitting my son’s mixed-breed rescue while he was out of town. It was pretty evident when he got him that he had been abused, but he was doing much better over time. Pare hadn’t been to my condo before and he was so scared it hurt my heart. Cowering and afraid if I left the room. My sister-in-law uses Behavior Support on her rescue with great success, so she gave me some to try. Made all the difference! He didn’t act drugged; was just way less anxious and no more cowering.”

-Anita R., Pet Parent & Satisfied Dr. Bill’s Customer

We've noticed HUGE improvements in her joints, health, and happiness

“We have a 9 year old chocolate lab and she had a major hip injury and surgery a few years back and her joints have never been the same. We have started giving her Dr. Bill’s Canine Complete Joint Care and have noticed HUGE improvements in her joints, health and happiness. She hasn’t been able to jump on our bed to snuggle for years and since taking this we have woken up with her snuggling up right next to us in the mornings!”

-Kelsey J., Pet Parent & Satisfied Dr. Bill’s Customer

Truly a miracle product!

“I’m actually astonished at how effective this product has been! It has made an ENORMOUS difference for our dog, Indie. We started administering the supplement to Indie, and then left on a trip to London for a week. Our dog sitters fed Indie the supplement each day, according to the instructions on the label. When we returned from our trip, Indie’s coat was glistening! It’s so much more lustrous and smooth, with less shedding. What’s more — Indie LOVES the taste of this stuff! I can’t believe the improvement we’ve seen in only a week! Truly a miracle product! So glad we found this hidden gem, and I’m excited to see how Indie’s coat looks in a month from now! Thank you, Dr. BIll! We’ll be using your products for life! (P.S. Another bonus is that the serving scoop is actually quite small, so this product will last you a long time!)”

-Zack W., Pet Parent & Satisfied Dr. Bill’s Customer

I was shocked at how thick and smooth her coat had become!

“My dog, Lola, has suffered from itchy, dry skin her whole life. Her coat always felt a little dry and wiry. I started her on Dr. Bill’s Skin & Coat formula with few expectations, hoping it may at least help her itch just a little less. Then I went out of town for a week and when I returned, I was shocked at how thick and smooth her coat had become. I didn’t think it was possible. Not to mention, the powder smells so good, I feel like I am serving her a gourmet meal each time I sprinkle it over her dry food. Lola is a happy girl!”

-Michelle S., Pet Parent & Satisfied Dr. Bill’s Customer