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Biologically-appropriate, natural ingredients to improve cognitive and motor function

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Provides Proactive Nutritional Support

Brain health protection for:

Preserving Memory


Improving Motor Function


Reversing Unwanted Behavior


Slowing Cognitive Decline

Simply Nutritious and Easy to Use

Naturally Potent Supplement Powder

Similar to dementia in humans, our pet’s brain function slowly declines as they age. This condition is scientifically termed Cognitive Dysfunction. The deterioration of cognitive abilities is typically characterized by behavioral changes such as memory loss and diminished motor function. Even well socialized pets may become irritable, withdraw from their owners and favorite activities, or fail to notice things that used to interest them like the doorbell ringing or greeting visitors.

Dr. Bill’s Cognitive Support helps slow this cognitive decline and improve motor function. Giving your pet a pill can be a challenge, that’s why most of our supplements are formulated as a powder that can be sprinkled dry onto any diet or moistened to make a tasty, nutritious broth. It’s easy and pets love the flavor.


Dr. Bill’s Cognitive Support provides superior protection for maintaining brain health and potentially even reversing the signs of cognitive dysfunction.

Unfortunately, today’s commercially manufactured pet foods often lack the nutrients required to maintain optimal brain function. That’s why it can be so important to supplement the diets of older pets with the key ingredients in Cognitive Support.
Cognitive Support has been shown to be safe and effective for all adult and senior dogs and cats. Dr. Bill’s supplements have been recommended by over 3000 veterinarians for 40 years!

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Made With Biologically Appropriate, Natural Ingredients Including:


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