Daily Multi-Vitamins

Biologically-appropriate, natural ingredients to help your pet live a longer, healthier life!

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Provides Proactive Nutritional Support

Daily Multi-Vitamin For:

Overall Fitness & Health


Muscle Strength & Joint Mobility




Natural Weight Control


Luxurious Skin & Coat


Eye, Heart, & Brain Health


Immune Strength


Digestive Balance

Simply Nutritious and Easy to Use

Naturally Potent Supplement Powder

Making sure our pets are getting the proper nutrition will do wonders for their quality and length of life. Considering the pet diets currently available today, this would be next to impossible without the use of a high-quality nutritional supplement. Giving your pet a pill can be a challenge, that’s why most of our supplements are formulated as a powder that can be sprinkled dry onto any diet or moistened to make a tasty, nutritious broth. It’s easy and pets love the flavor.

Dr. Bill’s Ultimate Fitness & Health products are specifically formulated to help our pets during life’s most stressful periods such as weaning, growth, training, performance, reproduction, lactation, and boarding.


This supplement was proven in a clinical study at Iowa State University to provide significant benefits to animals during illness, injury, and recovery from surgery.

Originally formulated to help performance animals reach their maximum potential, Ultimate Fitness & Health contains scientifically blended, research backed nutrients that provide optimum health, increased fitness, and maximum performance for cats and dogs of all ages. With 55 active ingredients, Ultimate Fitness & Health provides every essential vitamin and mineral needed plus high biological protein sources. Ultimate Fitness & Health can help keep your pet in top condition and living a longer, healthier, and more enjoyable life.
Ultimate Fitness & Health has been shown to be safe and effective for dogs and cats of all ages. Dr. Bill’s supplements have been recommended by over 3000 veterinarians for 40 years!

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Made With Biologically Appropriate, Natural Ingredients Including:



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