Behavior Support | Natural Dog Calming Supplement

Misbehavior in our dogs can result in many unnecessary and harsh consequences. Understanding why dogs bark, bite, chew, fear certain things, or demonstrate aggressive behavior may lead to solutions that benefit both you and your dog. Preventing serious behavior problems before they begin involves proper puppy socialization, a watchful eye, and a lot of reinforced obedience training. Without these, our dogs are left to learn bad habits on their own that may take the term undesirable to a new level.

All puppies are cute until they begin shredding everything in sight and destroying everything in sight. Most dogs do bark, and when they alert us to possible danger, it is a good thing. When they bark excessively it can mean they are seeking attention, are bored, or have developed an anxiety that triggers barking. Separation anxiety is one of the behavior problems our dogs may experience. It occurs when dogs become highly stressed over the thought of being left alone. Separation anxiety can lead to massive destruction within the home and unfortunately cannot be cured through normal obedience training methods.

Puppies can be expected to have an occasional accident, but when adult dogs begin inappropriate elimination in the home and it is not the result of a urinary tract problem, disease, or incontinence, then serious behavior modification is going to be needed to reverse this behavior. Other even more serious behaviors that are dangerous to both the dog and owner include chasing, biting, aggression, and fighting.

Most behavior problems can be dealt with through behavior modification techniques, desensitization procedures, and owner training that can prepare you to recognize the things that create bad behavior and proactively avoid them. In addition to seeking professional help, it has been shown that certain nutrients and botanicals can provide a calming effect, which can take the edge off an anxious dog making it easier for you, a qualified trainer, and your dog to eliminate unwanted behavior. My Canine Behavior Support product contains a proprietary blend of natural calming agents known to be helpful in dealing with canine behavior problems. Help your dog become a good canine citizen – use canine behavior support whenever behavior problems are present.

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