Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Optimum Skin & Coat

There is a reason why most of our pets do not resemble the champions of Westminster.

The majority of today’s pet foods only provide maintenance levels of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Performance animal owners supplement these diets in order to get optimum appearance and health results. When nutrient needs go up, such as we see during times of increased activity, reproduction, injury, disease, or stress, it becomes easier to see why the skin and coat of our pets can be affected so easily – the nutrients are being used for higher priority systems in the body.

Optimum Skin & Coat for Dogs

There are many things capable of wreaking havoc with the skin and coats of dogs such as climate, fleas, mites, bacteria, and poor choices in nutrition. We often see coats thinning and colors changing as our dog’s age. These changes are due to hormonal levels dropping and the inability of the dog to process the essential nutrients needed to keep the coat looking like it did.

If you want your dog to look like the ones you see on TV, then you need Canine Optimum Skin & Coat. This balanced blend of essential nutrients is easy for a dog to digest and utilize, and has clinically proven its effectiveness for over 35 years in the veterinary profession and top breeders alike.

Optimum Skin & Coat for Cats

A cat’s fur is a good indicator of its overall health. Changes in coat color or quality can be the first sign of disease. Help maintain that natural shine or recover that perfect coat with a tried and proven product that provides all essential skin and coat nutrients in an easy-to-digest and utilize form. A cat’s fur is a good indicator of its overall health.

Veterinarians and breeders know that Feline Optimum Skin & Coat really works – that’s why they have been using and recommending it for over 35 years. This supplement provides all of the extra nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin and coats, without adding the extra calories.

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