The Benefits of Pet Nutritional Supplementation

Dec 26, 2019 | Cats, Dogs, Optimum Nutrition, Video

Whether your dog is a performance champion, or you just want to improve the overall health of a pet, nutritional supplementation can provide numerous benefits above and beyond today’s commercial pet foods. Just as most people understand the need to supplement their daily diet with vitamins and other nutrients, nutritional supplementation is now regarded as a valuable option for canine and feline performance and health. If you could give your pet anything at all, what would it be? A better start in life? A longer, healthier life? A slimmer waistline or shinier coat? Skin that doesn’t itch? Improved performance? Enhance disease resistance? Better joint health? Would you believe that all of the above can easily be achieved through proper supplementation?

Many of today’s pet foods are based on minimum nutritional guidelines that fall short when it comes to optimum nutritional health. Supplementation can bridge the ‘nutritional gap’. Health benefits your pet can achieve through nutritional supplementation include achieving their full genetic potential, improved skin and coat, stronger muscles and joints, enhanced eye, heart, and brain health, optimal functioning of all organ systems, enhanced immune protection, and an increased length of life.

The benefits you’ll see include a more active and playful pet, a shinier coat with less shedding or matting, healthier skin with less itching, scratching, and chewing, a more alert pet that responds to commands, a pet with more vitality, better health, and continued wellness, and fewer required visits to the veterinarian. There are many benefits to properly supplementing your pets – the most important one is the comfort of knowing you are doing all you can to enhance their health and let them live a longer and more prosperous life.

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