Best Behavior Support Supplement for Dogs at Every Age


Does your dog exhibit excessive barking, chewing, digging, fear of loud noises, begging, chasing, jumping, or biting? These are all traits that can strain the relationship you have with your pet. Other more serious behaviors such as inappropriate elimination, separation anxiety, or aggressive behavior can destroy property and create many other more serious problems. You can help your dog manage the root of the bad behavior (anxiety and stress) by allowing them to naturally calm down and relax with the best behavior supplement around.

While many problems can be dealt with through behavior modification techniques and professional help, it has been shown that certain nutrients and botanicals can provide a calming effect that can take the edge off and make it easier for you and your dog to eliminate unwanted behavior. Dr. Bill’s Canine Behavior Support is a unique proprietary blend of natural calming agents that helps reduce the negative side effects of stress in the dog.

Whether you’re taking care of a puppy, adult dog, or senior dog, here are some of the ways that Dr. Bill’s Canine Behavior Support will help your dog become a good canine citizen:


Training your puppy can often be a difficult task, especially if they are incessantly barking, begging, jumping on you, chewing on the furniture or your belongings, soiling on the carpet, exhibiting aggressive behavior, or going nuts whenever you leave the house. Canine Behavior Support is a calming agent that assists in relieving the stress and anxiety that cause these unwanted behaviors.

Adult Dogs

Adult dogs should be well behaved, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Dogs can seem to bark at anything and can be a nuisance at dinnertime by constantly begging. Some dogs forget where the bathroom is and others want to confront every animal they meet on a walk. These are all things that can be avoided or reversed by specialized training with the help of a calming agent like Canine Behavior Support.

Senior Dogs

A senior dog’s ability to digest and utilize nutrients diminishes with age, making nutritional health difficult to maintain. Keeping our senior pets fit and healthy through the proper supplementation is important as their aging bodies need a little less energy and a little more of the specialty nutrients that keep them healthy. Providing all senior dogs with additional antioxidants and specialty nutrients to maintain normal brain function and good behavior is critical, and sadly cannot be found in other commercially manufactured diets.

Dr. Bill's Canine Behavior Support

Dr. Bill’s Canine Behavior Support tablets are made of a unique and effective combination of natural ingredients that help reduce the negative effects of stress in your dog. These may include anxiety, aggression, fear, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, or motion sickness.  It is exceptionally useful when boarding, traveling, or training your dog.

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