Canine Skin Problems | Symptoms & Causes

Is your dog excessively scratching, chewing, or licking its skin? It may have one of the
160 different skin disorders that can affect a dog. While some of them are minor, others can
be quite serious and will probably require a visit to a veterinarian to be properly diagnosed.

The skin represents the largest organ system and the dog making it one of the best indicators of overall canine health. Skin problems are caused by many different things including parasites like ear mites and lice, mange mites, ringworm, bacteria and yeast infections, seasonal allergies, food allergies, allergies to toxic irritants and chemicals, even stress or boredom. Some of the more complicated skin conditions consist of immune-mediated disorders, hereditary conditions, autoimmune diseases, and internal diseases that also affect the skin and coat.

There are so many possible underlying issues that if your dog is chewing, scratching, or excessively licking its skin, the best thing to do is visit your veterinarian. Remember, it is always better to prevent disease rather than treat it once it takes hold. The skin and its partner, the immune system, is your dog’s first line of defense. To keep it as healthy and strong as possible, your dog needs to get the right nutrients.

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