Canine Ultimate Fitness & Health | Optimum Nutrition for Performance Dogs

Any dog that routinely trains for speed, endurance, conditioning, or strength should be considered a performance dog. Feeding these canine athletes for ultimate performance requires
more attention than your average dog. Our many canine breeds differ greatly in their degree and type of athletic ability – from the sighthound sprinters to the endurance champion sled dogs, and the full spectrum of in-between working and sporting breeds. One thing is for certain – today’s diets cannot provide for the canine athlete on their own.

Hard work requires extra nutrients for two purposes: fuel for muscular activity and energy expenditure, and to combat the energy and nutrient loss due to stress. Feeding larger volumes of food to provide this extra fuel is not always conducive to better performance. As a result, performance dog nutrition must focus on providing nutrient-dense diets along with other products formulated to support high-performance.

Human athletes consume diets that are specific for their individual talents and all athletes supplement their diets with products that will enhance their performance. Why not do the same for our canine athletes? My Canine Ultimate Fitness & Health product is a highly concentrated nutritional powder that has been scientifically formulated to provide a balanced blend of nutrients known to be helpful in obtaining the ultimate performance potential in the canine athlete. One product does it all! Canine Ultimate Fitness & Health provides proactive nutritional
support for increased muscle strength, enhanced speed and endurance, ligament and tendon strength, joint mobility and flexibility, and rapid performance recovery.

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