Joint Protect for Dogs | Preventing Injuries

Our puppies play hard and frequently injure themselves. Adult dogs love to run and jump, causing wear and tear to joint surfaces over time. Our giant breeds often grow in fast spurts and their added weight can be the cause of serious joint problems. Sadly, 1 out of every 5 dogs will develop joint problems before their 7th birthday.

Injuries plus normal wear and tear throughout a dog’s life provide an alarming statistic: 70% of all dogs over 7 years of age have active osteoarthritis affecting 1 or more of their joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint problem affecting the dog. It is painful and can be quite debilitating. This is one problem that should be prevented if possible. Given the number of dogs potentially affected, protecting against joint problems makes sense both from an economical and compassionate standpoint.

What can you do as a dog owner to improve joint function, promote joint comfort, and hopefully prevent serious joint problems throughout a dog’s life? Feeding the right amount of a biologically appropriate diet is one way we can assure that our dogs grow at a normal rate and do not become overweight. Supplementing today’s diets with joint supporting nutrients has also been shown to be very beneficial. My Canine Joint Protect supplement is a highly palatable chewable tablet that has been formulated for use in giant breed dogs, highly active breeds, performance and working dogs, or any dog that may be predisposed to an increased risk of injury, joint disease, arthritis, and/or hip dysplasia. Canine joint protect provides proactive nutritional support for joint nourishment, improved joint function, mobility and flexibility, healthy cartilage production, added joint lubrication, and muscle ligament and tendon strength. Let’s protect our dogs from painful joint problems and help prevent debilitating arthritis later in life.

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