Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies?

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Why do dogs get the zoomies

Have you ever brought your dog in from a walk, thinking that they expelled enough energy, only to notice them start running around the house like crazy? Zoomies, or professionally termed as FRAPs (Frenetic Random Active Periods), are a natural phenomenon that exists in all dogs and is observed when your canine energetically bursts into a sprint that last anywhere from 5-to-15 minutes. Zoomies can occur for a variety of reasons, so let’s explore common causes that may make your dog experience one of these chaotic running fits.

Causes of Zoomies

All dog breeds catch the zoomies, which can be caused by a host of reasons, including:

  • Playtime: If your dog is engaging you or barking at you during their burst of energy, chances are that they just want you to join in on their playtime.
  • Canine Age: While senior dogs do occasionally get zoomies, younger dogs are more likely to catch zoomies much more frequently. 
  • Time of Day: It’s said that young dogs are more likely to experience high bouts of energy in the mornings between 5AM-8AM and evenings between 5PM-8PM.
  • Following a Bath: Dog’s commonly experience zoomies after a bath in an effort to dry off their coat. Instead of getting your house all wet, be sure to have a towel ready to dry your furry friend off after they’ve had a bath.
  • Happiness: Your dog just may be happy to eat or to see you arrive home from work, which is causing them to sprint around.
  • Demand for Exercise: If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, zooming around the house is an easy and quick way for them to expel built-up energy.
  • Anxiety and Stress: While zoomies are usually a sign of canine happiness, occasionally it can be seen as a way for your dog to portray stress or anxiety. When out of zoomie-mode, examine your dog for any signs of distress.

Are Dog Zoomies Healthy?

According to veterinarians, zoomies are completely normal in all dog breeds and aren’t detrimental to their health in the slightest. However, due to zoomies being a rowdy activity, make sure that their environment is safe for them to run around in. Either let them out into a fully fenced yard or make sure the room they’re in has nothing that can fall over and hurt them. Additionally, make sure to never let your dog run out into the street as cars can accidentally hit them. Lastly, if your energetic dog is large, make sure that small children are out of the area so that your furry friend doesn’t accidentally injure them.

If your dog’s zoomies are accompanied with excessive barking, chronic chewing or itching of themselves, frantic pacing, or attempts to escape your house, make sure to take them to their veterinarian right away as these can all be signs of canine stress and anxiety.

Ensure Optimum Canine Behavior

Adult dogs should be well behaved, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Dogs can seem to bark at anything and can be a nuisance at dinnertime by constantly begging. Some dogs forget where the bathroom is and others want to confront every animal they meet on their walk. These behavior problems may discourage your family from wanting to introduce a new dog to your household. Fortunately, behavior problems can be avoided or reversed by specialized training with the help of a calming agent like Dr. Bill’s Canine Behavior Support.

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