25 Incredible Facts About Dogs

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Facts about dogs

Dogs are always by our sides when we need them, so the least we can do is learn a bit more about what makes man’s best friend so special. It’s easy to look at canines and think that they’re just like us, although, dogs have a history, biology, abilities, and habits that are unique to them. While there’s an estimated 471-million pet dogs currently around the world, it’s predicated that human’s began domesticating canines as far back as 30,000 years ago. Let’s explore 22 incredible facts that most people might not know about their dogs.

  1. Dog’s have a sense of smell that’s 40-times better than humans, this is due to the area of cells in a canine’s brain being roughly 40-times larger than that in ours.

  1. Dogs have wet noses to help absorb scent chemicals, it’s also a sign that they’re in good health.

  1. Female dogs often have a better sense of smell than their male counterparts.

  1. Dogs have underdeveloped taste buds when compared to humans, having approximately on-sixth the taste buds.

  1. After studying brain activity while sleeping, researchers have found that dogs have active dreams. It’s common for smaller dogs to have more vivid dreams than larger dogs.

  1. Dogs can understand more than 150 words, meaning they’re roughly as intelligent as a two-year-old child.

  1. Dogs have a sense of time, which shows through them knowing what time of day they’ll typically go on a walk.

  1. Studies have demonstrated that petting a dog for 15 minutes can lower lower blood pressure by 10%. This shows that owning a dog can improve your mental and physical health.

  1. While all puppies are born deaf, eventually, dogs gain a sense of hearing that’s 4-times better than humans.

  1. Dogs are nearly colorblind, able to see blue and yellow, and often near-sighted.

  1. Rather than sweating, dogs pant to cool themselves. However, dogs can sweat slightly from their footpads.

  1. Rolling in stinky liquid, such as mud, is mentally stimulating for dogs. It’s a way to communicate with other dogs and an instinctual behavior to disguise themselves from predators.

  1. Research has shown that dogs can get jealous when they see their owner’s displaying affection towards another animal.

  1. Dogs have been neutered or spayed live longer than dogs who are not.

  1. It’s an instinct for your fog to curl up in a ball when they sleep. This motion keeps them warm and helps protect vital organs from predators.

  1. Research shows that a human yawning can trigger a nearby dog to yawn.

  1. After urinating or defecating, dogs kick up to mark their territory using scent glands in their feet.

  1. Studies have proven that dogs are among a small group of animals who voluntarily spread unselfish kindness to others without expecting a reward in return.

  1. Dogs can read and respond tremendously well to human emotions, even reading facial emotions in photographs.

  1. Dogs communicate through their tail, as a loose wag means they’re relaxed, a straight tail is a sign of aggression, curled down tails means they’re scared, and a wagging tail indicates happiness.

  1. Dogs sniff each others butts as a way to greet each other. Whiffing these chemicals can communicate diet, mood, and gender.

  1. A common myth is that dogs have clean mouths, although this really isn’t the case as a canine’s mouth is full of bacteria.

  1. Similarly to how humans are left or right handed, dogs can be left or right pawed.

  1. It’s commonly believed that dogs have a “sixth sense”. For example, they are incredibly good at predicting earthquakes and cancer in humans.

  1. Obesity is the dog species’ number one health problem, as more more than half of the dogs in the United States are overweight.

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