Cat Breed Spotlight: Russian Blue

Russian blue cat

If you come across a beautiful gray cat with stunning green eyes, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re looking at a Russian Blue. These wise, playful, affectionate, and shy felines are also commonly known as the Archangel Blue cats. Rarely demanding, although always attentive, it’s no wonder why Russian Blue cats are becoming more popular around the world. Let’s explore the history, temperament, appearance, health concerns, dietary requirements, and other interesting facts of these loyal Russian Blue companions.

Russian Blue Cat History

The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring cat breed, which means that we’ll likely never know where these felines originated from. Historians hypothesize that Russian Blues were among the most esteemed pets of the Russian Czars. It’s believed that these felines befriended Russian sailors sometime in the 1860s and were transported to Great Britain, where they quickly became a popular breed. In 1875, Russian Blues were shown at London’s Crystal palace during the world’s first cat show.

Russian Blues were officially recognized as a breed following their American arrival in 1912. Unfortunately, this breed fell into a steep decline during World War 2, and nearly reached extinction levels following the war. However, Russian Blue enthusiasts in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark managed to save the bloodline during the 1960s, which fortunately preserved this breed for years to come.


Russian Blues are affectionate cats that love to curiously follow their owner around the house. Often shy and cautious at first, their personalities really shine when they eventually warm up to someone. The Russian Blue breed typically plays well with kids and other house pets, although they are not clingy and regularly need their alone time. These cats prefer a familiar schedule and may become overwhelmed when faced with new situations. Overall, Russian Blues are independent cats that are sensitive to strangers, although are very sweet when they grow to know someone.

Appearance & Coat Care

The Russian Blue’s elegant and muscular body has led many to proclaim them as the “Doberman Pisher of cats”. Common characteristics of Russian Blues include:

  • A Short Silvery Double Coat with a Blue Sheen
  • A Black Nose
  • Mauve Paw Pads
  • Striking Emerald Green Eyes
  • A Slightly Upturned Smile
  • A Wedge-Shaped Angular Head

Additionally, Russian Blue typically grow to be around 10 inches in height and average around 12 pounds. They generally have a longer neck than most house-cats and their bodies are often long, slender, and elegant. Russian Blues’ beautiful coats shed minimally and should be brushed out weekly.

Health Concerns

Remarkably, the Russian Blue breed is mostly free of inherited diseases and health problems. However, poor breeding practices can increase the likelihood of a few health problems which includes renal failure, urolithiasis, and obesity. Fortunately, the average lifespan of a Russian Blue is between 15 and 20 years, which is significantly longer than the lifespan of most other cat breeds. Overall, Russian Blues are considered one of the healthiest cat breeds out there.

Interesting Facts

  • While not completely hypoallergenic, Russian Blues produce less glycoprotein than most other breeds, which lessens the symptoms of cat allergies.
  • Due to their smiling appearance, Russian Blues have been historically compared to the Mona Lisa.
  • Some consider Russian Blues as a sign of good luck.
  • In the Warner Bros. movie “Cats & Dogs”, a Russian blue cat is featured as a trained assassin.
  • According to folklore, Russian Blues were kept in the chambers of newborn babies to chase away evil spirits.
  • Tom, from the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, is speculated to be a Russian Blue cat.

Dietary Requirements of Russian Blues

Russian Blue cats love their food and, if left to their own devices, will eat to the point of obesity. To manage your cat’s food intake, measure their food and feed your Russian Blue twice a day. For an optimum Russian Blue diet, be sure to sprinkle a scoop of Dr. Bill’s Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health on their food every day. Feline Fitness & Health is a delicious, concentrated nutritional powder, scientifically formulated to provide a balanced blend of 50 nutrients that support optimum fitness and health in growing, physically mature, and senior cats. Designed to promote a strong, lean body, a healthy immune system, a balanced digestive tract, flexible joints, plus healthy eye, heart and brain function. Feline Fitness & Health is safe for growing and adult Russian Blue cats of all ages.

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