Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health

The 78 active ingredients in Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health are formulated to provide a blend of high biological value proteins, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins, essential minerals, and multiple specialty ingredients known to be helpful in the development and maintenance of a strong, physically fit body, optimum health, and an extended life.

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Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health

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Provides Proactive Ingredient Support For:

check circle icon Whole Body Fitness
check circle icon Active Weight Control
check circle icon Eye, Heart, & Brain Function
check circle icon Agility & Flexibility
check circle icon Muscle tone & Strength
check circle icon Lasting Health & Longevity

Directions For Use

Dosages may be administered once a day or split and provided twice daily. Sprinkle product onto any feline diet. Mix in or moisten to make a tasty, protein rich broth. To assure freshness and avoid settling, shake periodically, keep sealed, and store in a cool, dry place. Whenever introducing a new animal health supplement to the diet, it is always best to start with half the recommended dosage for the first week.

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Recommended Dosage Chart

Daily Recommended Dosage (Servings per Container — 72)

Cats (All Ages)

Weight Range (lbs.)










1 1/2


18 & Up


Warning: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of an accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Optimizing Fitness & Health

Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health is a super concentrated, fully balanced protein, fatty acid, vitamin, and mineral supplement that also provides multiple specialty ingredients in support of a competent immune system, protection against free radical oxidation, to assist with normal digestion and utilization of nutrients, to aid in the nourishment and lubrication of joint cartilage and to protect eye, heart, and brain function in cats of all ages. Fitness & Health improves pet wellness, increases activity, maximizes fitness, helps push back normal age-related diseases, maintains physiological processes in a more youthful state and ultimately allows our feline friends to live a longer, healthier, and more enjoyable life.

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Made With Biologically Appropriate, Natural Ingredients Including:

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For Kittens

Feline Ultimate Fitness & Heath provides everything you need to allow those furry little critters to become a fit and healthy adult cat. Getting a nutritional head start in life can allow them to obtain a strong immune system, a lean and muscular body, healthy eyes, and healthy heart.

For Adult Cats

Soaring obesity rates in cats have resulted in numerous feline health problems. that the likes of which that will require a visit to your favorite veterinarian. Remember that the cost to treat an injury or illness is always much higher than any prevention measures you can take. Doing what you can to maintain optimum health can be a difficult task. Veterinarians and pet owners have used Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health for over 40 years to assist with their routine treatment regimes. They believe this supplement to be unmatched in its ability to support overall fitness and health in cats.

For Senior Cats

Senior years can last a long time in most cats. Most age-related diseases usually start during adulthood and then manifest themselves later in life. This is why I highly recommend nutritionally supporting adult cats and then increasing that support during their senior years. Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health has proven its unsurpassed ability in helping keep senior cats healthy and delay the onset of most age-related diseases.

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What Pet Owners Are Saying

6 reviews for Feline Ultimate Fitness & Health

  1. Amazon Customer

    It works as advertised and our cat likes it!

  2. Amazon Customer

    This vitamin powder doesn’t seem to have a scent, and the cats seem to love the taste. I believe it has made a difference in their overall nutritional well-being (not as much vomiting, more regular eliminations, etc.) Purchased this for my older cat, but the younger one loves it, too! I’ve tried a more expensive version which was an unpleasant, grey/green powder and the cats refused to eat it, even if I mixed it in with their wet food. Not Dr. Bill’s! They seemed to love it right away. Sometimes I don’t even have to mix it in, and they will still eat their wet food, with it sprinkled right on top. A bit expensive, but if you can justify the cost of the product compared to the health of the cat, it’s definitely worth it.

  3. Monica

    My babies have more energy. I mix the suggested dose with water and give them using a syringe.

  4. Amazon Customer

    My vet recommended this brand. I’ve been using Dr. Bill’s for quite a while now with superb results.

  5. Margret

    I have a wonderful cat, but she’s getting old. Over the last year or so she has really slowed down and sadly started having some significant health issues. She also was hardly eating at all. Our vet recommended some dietary changes and that we start adding supplements to her diet. Dr. Bill’s products were recommended to me so I decided to try the Fitness and Health which is more of a general health supplement. It was like a miracle. After about a month she was so full of energy and dashing around like a silly kitten. More important her appetite really increased from about ¾ a tin of food each day to almost a tin and a half, and she started putting on weight. I am so happy to see her feeling so much better and have started trying other Dr. Bill’s supplements for her and given them to my “grand dogs.” The results have been amazing with every product.

  6. Dan

    We have a beautiful 17 year old cat who is more loving than any dog we’ve ever had. But she was really slowing down and starting to pee in the house…which she had never done before. The vet said she probably had liver and digestion issues and suggested wet food and supplements. So we researched online and found Dr. Bill’s products. We were very impressed with his articles and videos so we thought we’d start by trying the Fitness and Health. Within a couple weeks she started to perk up. No more peeing on the carpets. Hooray! And after couple months now we can’t believe the change in her. She’s like a kitten, chasing anything that moves the house. It is so wonderful and we are so grateful to have discovered Dr. Bill’s amazing products. We’ve now tried the Digestive Health and Optimum Skin and Coat too, and her hair has gone from dull and constantly matting, back to shiny and beautiful.

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