Explaining Cat Behavior: Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

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Why do cats make biscuits

Making biscuits is an entirely normal activity for most cats. No, we aren’t referring to cats as busy biscuit bakers, although “making biscuits” is a term used to describe when felines knead. Kneading is a common activity that can be observed when a cat rhythmically pushes their paws up and down on a soft object. Kneading techniques vary as some cats will purr, others will drool, and some may even use all four paws to make biscuits. There are a multitude of theories on why cats knead, which we’ll describe below to help you better understand your feline friend.

Kitten Instincts

Being the most popular theory, kitten’s will knead against their mom while nursing to stimulate a higher flow of milk. While no milk will result from your adult cat baking biscuits on your human belly, this action will still evoke nurturing feelings that makes them feel safe and comforted. Keep in mind that your cat’s claws will be exposed when they knead on you, so be sure to trim their nails beforehand to avoid accidental scratches!

Marking Their Territory

Cats have scents gland in the pads of their soft paws, in which they often use to mark what’s theirs. While nearly all cats are observed scratching objects to mark their territory, it’s theorized that some felines will also knead to relay the same statement. Whether their making biscuits on your couch, carpet, bed, or even you personally, your cat is merely stating that what’s yours is theirs as well.

Sleep Preparations

Larger cats are observed kneading in the wild just before settling down to sleep. It’s predicted that housecats maintained this ancestorial trait as a method to “make their bed” before laying down. This theory is also supported by the fact that making biscuits has been shown as a way for cats to destress and soothe their anxiety just before napping. Additionally, if your cat is kneading on you just before they sleep, see that as a huge sign of trust!

Communicating Affection

Do you pay more attention to your cat when they knead? Because this could possibly be the intended effect. Similar to when dogs lick humans, cats who knead on people could possibly be showing affection to that individual. Additionally, it’s predicted that the harder your cat kneads, the more affection your cat is communicating. While some may believe that cats are merely stretching when they’re making biscuits, many more believe that this is their cat’s way of communicating love.

Mating Behavior

Being a theory that’s only applicable to unspayed felines, kneading may be a sign to display that a cat is receptive to mating. Along with kneading, other applicable signs may include overtly affectionate behavior and unique yowling vocalizations. In addition, pregnant cats who knead may be showing that they’re going into labor.

Optimal Feline Nutrition

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