Dog or Cat Skin Problems? Solutions For Healthy Skin & Beautiful Coats

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The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, but it is one of the most important as it forms a barrier to protect from infections, parasites, and other various harmful elements. The coat’s primary function is to protect the skin from physical and ultraviolet light damage. It is also helpful in the regulation of body temperature. Fortunately, Dr. Bill’s Pet Nutrition provides a natural solution to dog & cat skin problems.

Unfortunately, the skin and coat are on the bottom of the priority system when it comes to being fed the nutrients needed to remain healthy, as nutritional rationing always favors the internal organs. Most pet foods today only provide maintenance levels of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. When diet is poor in quality or insufficient nutrients are being fed, the skin and coat are first to show signs of deficiency – perhaps this is why veterinarians see more skin and coat problems these days.

Prevention is always key to avoid dog and cat skin problems, and supplementation is the best solution. It is far easier, and less expensive, to provide supplementation and prevent problems before they occur than accumulating numerous vet and dermatologist visits and to treat one of the many skin and coat problems that we often encounter. A high-quality nutritional supplement can provide specific nutrients in a concentrated form that does not increase the daily caloric intake of the dog and cat.

Dr. Bill’s Optimum Skin & Coat products are scientifically formulated to promote healthy skin and luxurious, shiny coats. Using biologically appropriate, high-quality natural ingredients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Pacific Kelp, Collagen Type I & III, ground flax seen, biotin, vitamin B12 and vitamin E, these products reduce shedding, itching and scratching from hot spots, and provide you pet with the nutrients needed in their diet.

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