Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (Much)

Cats that don’t shed

The truth is that all cats shed a little bit, although the difference is in the amount and pace that certain breeds get rid of their fur. Unlike canines, low-shedding or even hairless cats can’t necessarily achieve hypoallergenic levels. Even in the absence of fur, cat owners may still suffer from allergies due to a series of proteins present in feline dander, saliva, and urine. 

However, for people who are sensitive to feline allergies, there may just be hope for you to comfortably care for cat. Protein and dander are two culprits of cat allergies, and those who are merely allergic to dander may be able to own a cat that does not have a double coat. People who are allergic to protein, on the other hand, may find it difficult to find a feline in which they are not allergic to. While a majority of cats have double coats, lets list the remaining top non-shedding breeds.


Plain and simple, you’re not going to find a cat that sheds less than the Sphynx. The Sphynx breed is almost entirely hairless besides a small level of peach fuzz across their nearly bare skin. Surprisingly, Sphynx cats do require moderate grooming to care for their hairless bodies as they don’t have the fur necessary to absorb natural oils. These adorable wrinkly cats are known to be sociable, energetic, and curious.


Being a combination of the US domestic cat and the Asian Leopard breed, Bengal cats are one off the most recent feline breeds on this list. This short-haired breed is known to require less grooming maintenance and shed much less frequently than other breeds. In addition to their gold thick coats, these cute felines are said to be highly active and incredibly vocal.


The Bombay breed is known to be one of the best non-shedding cats around. These cats have a deep black coat, giving them a panther-like appearance, that sheds much less than most breeds. As their personalities are generally observant and affectionate, these felines provide for a relatively easy-going cat owning experience.


The Abyssinian short coat naturally sheds very little and comes in four colors (blue, cinnamon, ruddy, and fawn). While these cats do shed a minimal amount, their short fur doesn’t require much grooming. Abyssinian cats have dog-like personalities and are known to be playful, inquisitive, and love attention.


If you want a cat with plenty of fur but does’t shed much, then the Siberian breed is the cat for you. There has been a false rumor spreading around for a while that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, which isn’t the case. While they shed less than their long-haired competitors, the felines require a great deal of brushing and grooming to maintain their long coats. The Siberian breed is known to enjoy the company of children, dogs, and other social animals.


The Burmese breed had short silky coats that shed minimally and require much less grooming maintenance than other cat breeds. Due to how these cats like to be near their owners, if you’re allergic to cats then the Burmese breed may not be the best fit for you. These cats are very loving and continually seek ways to interact with their owner.

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