Kayla’s Story

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Before work, my Chocolate Lab, Kayla, and I used to take a walk and play fetch every morning in the heavily wooded area around our home. One morning in April 2013, we were out for our walk and playing fetch when, suddenly, I heard the most horrific sound from her off in the distance. I dropped the Chuck-It and ran as fast as possible thinking she was being attacked by a wild animal. While there was no bear or other creature, I found her convulsing in pain amidst terrible howls and cries.  She could not stand or walk, so I picked up my 75-pound pup, carried her to the car and left immediately for the vet.

We went through several inconclusive tests and x-rays, and were finally told to take her to the vet hospital that specializes in traumatic injuries.  Kayla had an MRI and we found out she had a high velocity disk extrusion at the T12-13 disk site.  She stayed overnight for monitoring and then we took her home the next morning with instructions for her to be on complete rest for 6 weeks.  As you can imagine, a Lab who loves her ball and cuddling as much as Kayla does is hard to keep still for recovery.  We purchased a sling that went under her hips and allowed us to help her walk to her food bowl as well as up and down the stairs anytime she needed to go outside. When we went back for a checkup, the vet told us that it was unlikely this injury would completely heal, but it may get slightly better over time.

While Kayla has made a lot of improvements over the last four years, her leg still gives out regularly and she can no longer jump on the bed.  She is persistent and resilient thankfully and goes on easy hikes with our family, plays with her little Lab/Retriever brother, Franklin (and human brother, Fin), and even tries to play fetch still.  In search for ways to make her more comfortable and continue to find healing, we came across Dr. Bill’s Supplements.

We started giving Kayla the Canine Complete Joint Care supplement a few months ago and have seen notable improvements as time progresses.  The biggest surprise was waking up again to find her cuddled on the bed with us – something she has not been able to do for years because her leg couldn’t support the jump needed to get up!  She is definitely a much happier pup and has been more comfortable since taking the supplement.  We recommend this to anyone who has a pet suffering from joint problems!

Everson, WA

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