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Feline Complete Joint Care

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Recommended for — Growing, adult, and senior cats.

Feline Complete Joint Care is a highly palatable powder supplement designed to defend your cat from joint disease. Recommended for use in growing and mature cats, or senior cats with an increased risk of joint injury or disease.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammatory response to joint trauma or disease that causes further damage to joints when the inflammation becomes chronic.

  • One out of three cats will develop arthritis during their lifetime.
  • One out of every five dogs less than seven years of age are affected by joint injury or disease
  • Finally, seven out of ten senior dogs over 7 years of age suffer from arthritis

All total, it is estimated that over 14 million pets in the U.S. have arthritis – some as young as one year of age. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these animals are receiving treatment.

The joints of your pet’s body are composed of soft connective tissue and cartilage. Their role is to provide cushioning between bones and to allow normal movement. The active lifestyle of our pets makes their joints susceptible to injury.

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How To Use

Directions for Use — Sprinkle dry onto any feline diet. This product may also be moistened to make a tasty broth. To assure freshness, keep sealed and store in a cool, dry place.

Daily Recommended Dosage (Servings per Container — 100)

Cats (All Ages)

Weight Range (lbs.)










1 3/4


Over 18

2 1/4

Note: Dosage levels may be altered while under the care of a veterinarian.

Warning: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of an accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Nutritional Support For

Optimum Joint Health
Mobility & Flexibility
Ligament & Tendon Strength
Active Muscle Metabolism


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5 reviews for Feline Complete Joint Care

  1. Amazon Customer

    My little old fluffball started moving more freely right away.

  2. Andrew

    My cat loves the taste. Don’t have to force him to eat it at all. since i started giving it to him once a day his coat has become much healthier, fuller and softer.

  3. Amazon Customer

    So far so good as long as she keeps it down it works wonders for our senior cat. The scoop seems small but two scoops is almost too much to be able to mix with a single serving of wet food. (See picture). So far miss finicky likes the taste.

  4. Royce

    I purchased this for my 18 year old cat, Milo. He has diabetes and arthritis in his back legs. I have added a little at a time to his wet food. He eats it with no problem. In 2weeks there is definitely a difference in the way he walks. He I not in crabby moods as much. H e is actually walking better. I would highly recommend this product especially for an older cat. I definitely have seen difference in my Milo.

  5. L Plesetz

    My Precious is 16, a blue tuxedo short hair. She wouldn’t let you touch her back hips so I knew she was hurting. When I first introduced the Feline Complete she wouldn’t eat the food. She is a finicky eater but I perservered bc I wanted to help her. Finally found she would eat it if I mixed with a small amount of warm water and then put the small amount of wet food she gets in the morning on top and chopped up. She is eating it all now and not leaving anything in the bowl. It’s just been a few weeks so not sure if it is helping her hips yet because she is a lazy one. She hasn’t been very active for the last few years given my best intentions to get her moving. She is able to get on the couch and did get on her hind quarters the other day to give me a kiss something she hadn’t done in quite a while. I thought I was going to have to return the product at first but now that she is eating it with her wet food I am hoping it is doing her some good. I understand and like the ingredients in the product so know they will benefit her in the long run.

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