Dog Wound Healing Stages: Tissue Buildup, Breakdown, and Repair

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Dog Wound Healing Stages

By Dr. Bill Barnett, D.V.M.

Virtually every cell in your dog’s body constantly breaks down and is replaced on a specific schedule. This natural process affects the trillions of cells of the canine throughout their growth, adult life, and senior years. Learn more about the dog wound healing stages and what you can do to support your pet’s health as they journey through life.


During growth, the rate of tissue buildup is greater than that of tissue breakdown.


As adults, the process of buildup and breakdown is fairly equal or in balance.

Senior Life

When animals reach their senior years, breakdown begins to exceed tissue buildup and repair. This leads to the onset of degenerative diseases and the acceleration of aging.

The Breakdown of Cells During the Dog Wound Healing Stages

As animals age, they become depleted in many of the nutrients they need for normal tissue repair. When they receive less-than-optimum nutrition this allows the forces of degeneration to exceed the forces of repair leading to premature cell death. Thus, if you are feeding your dog a typical maintenance diet that does not support optimum repair and regeneration, then premature aging, the onset of age related diseases and possibly early death will hinder your dog’s wound healing stages.

Dog Wound Healing Stages

All animals have the natural ability to heal themselves following injury or disease. Supporting an animal’s natural power of self-healing through optimum nutrition will extend the period where tissue buildup and tissue breakdown remain in balance. This slows the onset of disease and will allow a dog to remain healthy longer and age more slowly.

Optimum Nutrition

Our pet’s nutritional needs are still fine-tuned to conditions of life that existed thousands of years ago.  Although different in appearance from their early ancestors, today’s dogs and cats retain their original digestive anatomy and physiology. It is their diet and environment that has radically changed.

One fail-safe way to extend a pet’s lifespan is to provide optimum nutrition throughout its life. Optimum nutrition supports a pet’s natural power of self-healing, reduces the risk of disease and slows the process of aging. Optimum Nutrition is the single most important factor when it comes to overall health & well-being.

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