Ashwagandha is also called Indian Ginseng. It has been used in Ayurvedic medical cultures for centuries helping to improve and revitalize human and animal health associated with a variety of medical conditions. Ashwagandha improves animal health in many ways including its ability to activate the Nrf2 response.

Ashwagandha has been shown in research studies to have:
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Antioxidant capabilities
• Anti-stress properties
• Immune enhancing capabilities
• Cardiovascular protective abilities
• Neuroprotective effects
• Antidepressant abilities
• Anti-anxiety and calming properties
• Joint protective capabilities
• Anticancer properties

Benefits of Ashwagandha:
• It can lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol
• It helps regulate glucose levels in animals with Type 2 diabetes
• It boosts cardiac health
• It has anti-aging properties
• It can help improve vision
• Osteoarthritic animals may get some relief from the pain of swollen joints
• It supports the immune system thus protecting against infections.

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