N, N- Dimethylglycine


Adaptogens like DMG normalize physiological functions and helps to maintain homeostasis within the animal body. These physiological functions include maintaining normal blood glucose levels, pH, blood pressure, oxygen flow to the tissues, hormone levels, cholesterol levels, and levels of important biologically active nutrients.
Functions of Dimethylglycine:
• DMG is a metabolic enhancer that can provide increased benefits when supplemented even if there isn’t a deficiency
• DMG helps the process of metabolism (breaking down or building up of compounds in the body)
• DMG is a completely safe hypoallergenic nutrient
• The amount of DMG decreases as animals grow older. Decreased DMG can lead to immuno-dysfunction, which increases susceptibility to stress and infection
• DMG improves oxygen utilization, detoxification, cell protection and immune system modulation
• A major health benefit of DMG is immune function, enhanced cardiovascular function and improved mental and physical performance
• DMG donates methyl groups for the remethylation (recycling) of SAMe (sulfur-adenosylmethionine) the major methyl donor in the animal body
• DMG aids in recovery from intense physical activity, degenerative diseases and surgery. DMG is an adaptogen that works with other cofactors to counteract the negative effects of stress, promote healing and prevent degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease
• DMG detoxifies the blood and improves the function of the liver and other organs. DMG enhances circulation aiding in physical endurance and energy production.
• DMG affects the efficiency of cellular reactions and improves the nutritional environment of the cell
• DMG works best in combination with other vitamins, minerals and amino acids to energize and stimulate metabolism. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid can potentiate DMG due to synergy

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