Beta 1,3 1,6 D-Glucan


Beta Glucan is a glucopolysaccharide extracted from the cell walls of yeast. The patented process creates long-chain Beta Glucan particles that are capable of reacting with the peyers patches (immune structures within the intestine). Reactive Beta Glucan supports the innate immune system, an animal’s first line of defense against disease causing organisms.

Beta Glucan provides health benefits to animals by enhancing their natural defense mechanisms that have evolved over time and enables them to combat infection caused by fungus, molds, bacteria and viruses
Beta Glucan binds with receptors on key immune cells creating an overall heightened immune response that includes:
• Increased production of white blood cells in the bone marrow, including monocytes (macrophages) and neutrophils, which attack and devour harmful invaders
• Increased mobilization of immune cells to the site of a foreign challenge
• Increased phagocytic or killing capacity of the immune cells to engulf and destroy intruders
• Increased communication of the presence of an invader to other cells of the immune system
• More effective presentation of foreign antigens to the B and T cells of the acquired immune system, which adapts or learns to defend the body against a specific threat leading to an enhanced humoral (antibody) and cellular (T cell) immune response
• Specific and unique applications for Beta Glucan include its synergy with many antibiotics against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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